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Archives » Handle change for damon yeutter
Year 6 Day 293 17:20
Damon Yeutter
Damon Yeutter
I am Damon Yeutter, and my father asked me to change my handle's last name from my real last name to something different for security purposes. I would like to change it to my cousin's handle's last name (Raleep) because we have decided to be noghri clan brothers. He told me I could, but if you would like to verify what i say then contact Sakar Raleep.

Old Handle: Damon Yeutter
New Handle: Damon Raleep

Thank you,

Damon Ye....Raleep...lol

I'm afraid both names in a handle have to be from your real life name for it to be eligible for a handle change.


Kids these days!
Also such changes for security reasons would probably be better if you e-mail them to the admin (if they don't mind) instead of posting on a public forum as it kind of defeats the point as more than likely no one would have been aware otherwise.


Damon Yeutter
Damon Yeutter
ok, i asked my cousin, and he said to try here first, thats why, but i'll go ahead and email the admin.


Just my opinion, but having one's RL last name in a handle should be sufficient to warrant a change. I know there are people who don't want their real last names known for privacy reasons, and that's fair enough. Real first name isn't so bad as it's not such a strong identifying factor, but real last name is. I don't want to actually spark a discussion or debate in a help thread, but it seemed an appropriate place to mention it lest I forget.