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Year 6 Day 293 20:00
I was landing on a certain planet to stock up on all the items when I decided to land on the bottom right corner of the facility...

Looked like a good place to land at the time...

So I descended my Bulk Freighter right on that corner, then hopped offboard with my party of NPC's and went for a short walk to the facility. (actually just entered since I was standing right on top of it lol) I bought my items stored em in my backpacks stored in backpacks stored in trunks and then unboarded the facility to find that it threw me on the opposite corener like it allways does...

I needed to get back to my ship so I tried to walk to the exact coords and it said, "You May Not Go There."

I thought nothing of it because I knew that sometimes you could board a ship/facility from one space away so i traveled to the squear to the right... It was a 1hr travel and I had work the next day so I decided I would board my ship after work the next day (today) only to find that it won't let me enter it, and it won't let me move to the square...

LOL, leave it to me to find something like this... :P

So I am wondering is it a bug, or was I just stupid landing on the part of the shop that looks like a parking lot??

Please help, got some materials to transport but couldn't resist the urge to splurge on new features in SWC...


Year 6 Day 294 0:22
The exiting at a different part of the facility than you entered is known. It's on the Todo List. entering/exiting facilities from one fixed point under 'Playability Enhancement'. To get back aboard your ship go into the facility and stay in the entrance/exit room. From there you should see an 'Enter' or 'Board' button on Position > Travel that will list your ship as a thing you can enter.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 294 18:48
NVM people stupid mistake... almost 3 years and I made a n00b mistake... it's cool though, thanks goes to khan.

Edited By: Sykazza Zekk on Year 6 Day 294 21:21
Year 6 Day 295 3:57
It's not a noob mistake; this isn't something you can figure out unless you try it or learned about it secondhand. For a lot of people it just doesn't come up in the first place until much later. Assuming what you're talking about is what Khan described, rather than something else entirely. (:



Year 6 Day 295 19:01
yeah it is exactly what Khan was talking about, I caught him in IRC and he helped me out a bit... :)

Now that I think back on it, I think it makes sense...

I landed on top of the facility, I entered the facility from my ship, I should of entered my ship from the facility, not trying it from outside... Just didn't think about it at the time. :S