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Year 6 Day 295 2:59
Whilst travelling through hyperspace, my HP suddenly decreased from 90 something to 41 for no apparent reason. My character was at level 4. I'm now, inexplicably, at level 3 with a maximum HP of 41 - it was up in the 90s before! I also now seem to be level 3 and I have hundreds of action messages saying "you reached level 4" and "your HP are increased to 41". I have been in no combat of any kind - all I was doing was flying from Kho Nai to Sullust. What is going on?

Year 6 Day 295 3:08
It was caused by some sort of bug that caused travel to repeat over and over for a handful of people. As a result a lot of XP and HP were given. I took the HP of 41 given in the repeating events to be the actual HP when I fixed HP and XP.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 295 3:19
Great thanks a lot for sorting. Is it likely to happen every time I travel?

Year 6 Day 295 3:20
hopefully not


Year 6 Day 295 3:34
nah, it's a one off.


Kids these days!