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Year 10 Day 190 19:45
I wanted to be a tester. Can I sign up for the test site if I wanted to? Could I sign up for the test site with my handle and everything from this site? Sorry if this is the wrong place, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

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Year 10 Day 190 19:56
Congo Deviean
Congo Deviean
what is a tester? i will do the same thing once i become alive again if possible, I have time


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Year 10 Day 190 20:05
You basically test new features for the game before they are realised. There is a special site for it. I forgot where I read this, but I read somewhere that they get CPs for their salary.

Year 10 Day 190 20:10
Yes there are 2. However we don't get a salary per se (at least most of the lower level testers). You may occasionally get some CPs for helping out, but its not guaranteed. Don't go to get CPs, go to help.


Year 10 Day 190 20:24
Yeah, sorry. I got that and some kind of moderator confused. My real question is, can I sign up for the test site with my real site info?

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Year 10 Day 191 13:49
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