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Year 10 Day 192 6:09
I understand that a droid will continue to pilot a ship if I enter another entity docked on the ship, but will it continue its preset flight path if I decide to undock in the new entity?


Year 10 Day 192 6:40
You won't be able to. Even with a droid pilot, you cannot undock anything while it is still moving.


Year 10 Day 192 18:30
Actually, you can undock the entity but the carrier's flight will be stopped.

Year 10 Day 195 9:08
I have a NEW driod Piloting question. Please if anyone can help.

I understand if you are in a squadron of fighters and you have NPC fighter pilots in the other 11 ships you should be able to lead them yes?

Can the driod pilots be lead also. Example: the RX Pilot droid and the FA-4 Pilot droid.

Year 10 Day 195 9:17
If you are in a squadron of fighters You can lead 12 ships using the npc ships function [where you set ships as NPC Controlled through the inventory], there is no need for NPC fighter pilots or droid pilots,

NPC fighter pilots currently have no coded purpose.
Droid pilots allow you to enter a ship or vehicle in your hangar or docking bay without causing the halt of travel of the carrier vessel, as no stock fighters have hangar or docking bays, this stops their need.



Year 10 Day 195 9:21
So if I jump in one ship the other 11 will follow and I don't need to place pilot NPCs on the ships to fly them. The ships will just follow me with the NPC setting?

Year 10 Day 195 9:44
Thats only for fighters and certain freighters Manta