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Year 10 Day 199 10:36
Ash Firefly
Ash Firefly
Umm is there a way i can make a account with my registry e-mail.

To be onest...
I havent created this profile before.
ive never been here before.
so could you please delete this account.

Year 10 Day 199 12:01
Sorry we do not delete accounts.

And we do not change registry email, unless it is no longer available.



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Year 10 Day 239 12:05
Ash Firefly
Ash Firefly
is there anthing i can do?

Year 10 Day 239 17:39
How did you manage to log in if you never created this account, exactly?

Year 10 Day 240 4:53
Ash, I think you were misunderstood, but I don't understand it either. What were you asking in the first place?


Avid Soyak
Asst Simmaster

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Year 10 Day 296 12:21
Ash Firefly
Ash Firefly

@Mikel: i used the lost password thing when i reliased i cannot use my e-mail address

@avid: i am asking is it possible i can start all over again with a blank canvas With my Real (this one) email address

Year 10 Day 296 18:18
You do realise that you can change your email in the Account Settings yes? I believe it will then send any emails from SWC to that email address instead of the one you used to register with.


Year 10 Day 297 14:54
There's no way to delete your account, if that's what you're asking, so a full restart isn't possible. If you want to change your e-mail address, Aubec explained where you can do that, and if you want to change your character you would need to be killed in-game (asking a faction if you can join and let them execute you--probably the government of whatever planet you're on--is likely the easiest way) but then you've got a three-week death wait before you can recreate.