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Archives » 12 month limit ban suggestion.
Year 10 Day 199 12:20
The way you let Hal 'handle' his job, being a bastard so the job becomes easier (his own words, not mine), it makes it very comfrotable for you and very repressing for someone like me, which is in turn just overall depressing.

Every once in a while I remember I am banned from the suggestion forum, and that Hal doesnt think I am rehabilitated, but its being several months or a year and its getting ridiculous that he cant even allow me back in simply out of timeline. There are murderers in jail right now who will be let out in less time, not because they are safe to society, but because its fair, and as soon as he screws up again they throw him back inside.. why? because not even a judge thinks he is god to know everything and after some time he will give others the benefit of the doubt. Not to mention the lack of 'forum etiquette rehabilitation program', to which admitetdly i would never subscribe to.

Still, your whole forums being a privilege policy is again, only comfortable for you, but doesnt really work, and it being linked to your "talk to the person who banned you" policy it just makes it downright stupid. Its a closed system that ends up in a person who thinks he is the forum god.

Anyway, since I cant post on the suggestion forums Ill suggest something here:

Suggestion: No player should be banned for more than 12 (or any number of) months from a forum at the risk of the moderator being wrong and simply harassing the player.

How could I prove he has an agenda? I cant. And I dont want to argue if that is happening or not, but YOU should make sure it never happens to ANYONE for ANY reason.

Makes sense?

Year 10 Day 199 12:39
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
If you are repeatedly being banned...perhaps there is another problem?


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Year 10 Day 199 12:50
I am NOT repeatedly getting banned, that was months ago, thats exactly the point, thanks for bringing it up. And its not about me, its about preventing harassement from moderators, in case there is ever any of that if you will.

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Combat please? damit... damn it to hell !!!!!!!!

Orphaea Imperium: Looter.
Year 10 Day 199 14:31
Lamy Homo
Lamy Homo
This is not the suggestions forum!

The administrators have a policy of not making new rules until there has been a precedent set.


Lamy Homo
Year 10 Day 199 14:37
--Cool avatar Lamy :)

Policy sticks, talk it out with the moderator.

Now if you have a problem with a moderator, the next step is to take it up with the assistants@swcombine.com If someone feels like responding (usually asking moderator what's up with so and so and getting answer that needs no response) they can handle what needs to be done.

No need to make up new rules, lets keep it simple stu.... or kiss.



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Year 10 Day 199 14:50
Lamy, I assume you are trying to be funny, as I am banned from that forum, give it another try.

Ranma, I already did that, ages ago, it doesnt work, I will be banned forever because some people doesnt like my suggestions, not because I do anything else, and Hal is good at not stepping too far out the grey line while keeping his shady agenda. Thats fine, ill grow stomach cancer, thank you, idiots. And the next, and the next, etc.



Combat please? damit... damn it to hell !!!!!!!!

Orphaea Imperium: Looter.
Year 10 Day 199 15:03
Not the suggestions forum.