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Year 10 Day 201 16:38
Have any of the development team checked this out? They specialize in MMO's. I know that they just developed a new platform for MMO's. You Asims should check it out.

Edited By: Arkondrius Ray`Dur on Year 10 Day 203 13:21
Year 10 Day 202 17:24
uhh this is the problem center. redirect your idea tooo... i guess general talk or the gaming forum. (I think. i'm new here anyway.)
it will get more views there anyway.

Edited By: Tuural Snist on Year 10 Day 202 17:27
Year 10 Day 202 18:33
The administration has a clear view of how they want the game to proceed, and I'm pretty sure that involves continuing PHP/mysql development.

Year 10 Day 202 18:43
Thanks for the thought, Ark, but companies like that would make this into one of those weird downloadable, many server, mmo's. They would probaly charge you the player, and make it a wierd turn based game... And then they would give you combat, and who needs that?!


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