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Year 6 Day 297 0:14
Billtz Jarromael
Billtz Jarromael
I was in hyperspace, and then suddenly, my location says that i need to select a starting position.. Whats happening? I'm not dead, and my ship is still in hyperspace...What do I do?


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Year 6 Day 297 0:24
I have a similar problem whilst stuck in Mos Eisley. Got out my Void Spider and now I must select a starting location again?

Reported this as a bug, and so have a few people it seems.


Dum dee dum...
Year 6 Day 297 0:36
Its happened to many if not all people. Just hang tight, I'm sure they are dealing with it.

IRC message:
Global- [tgr316] Yes SWC is having issues atm. No, dunno why. Yes, one of SWC's saviours (Khan) is on it.

Year 6 Day 297 4:14
A problem everyone was having, solved now.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 298 4:15
/me applauds Khan for being the ultimate fixxxxxxxer.