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Year 10 Day 202 20:15
Alex Tylger
Alex Tylger
I still have some custom NPCs from way back with images hosted on my webspace, as well as a unique dialogue I programmed in to them at some point. Yet, I cannot seem to find the link to edit the picture (well, I do get the option of changing it to a bunch of dull generic pictures) or edit the dialogue.

Were both these features removed from the custom NPCs along with the ability to name them? If so.. what exactly is "custom" about them? Just the issue of their skillpoints?


Year 10 Day 202 20:20
Not sure about the images, but speech should be under the Edit NPC link, I believe. I heard there were some issues with it, so it may have been temporarily disabled.


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Year 10 Day 202 21:10
Yes, the speech tree was disabled until they can fix it so it actually works. As for the image, if it has one just DM the art leader with the new URL, otherwise use the CP function to give it a custom image. Like anything else custom.