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Year 10 Day 205 1:28
Space Targeting
Ability to operate shipboard weapons. The greater this skill, the more likely a ship based weapon will hit its target. 

Starfighter-Freighter Air Combat
Ability to manoeuvre fighters and freighters in combat within a planet's atmosphere and gravity well. A character with this skill is more likely to hit targets and dodge incoming fire in atmospheric combat. 

Starfighter-Freighter Space Combat
Ability to manoeuvre fighters and freighters in space combat. A character with this skill is more likely to hit targets and dodge incoming fire in Space Combat. 

I need someone to explain these three skills, is skill Space Targeting intended for Capital Ship shipboard weapons or is it for all kinds of Freighter/Fighter as well?

Would I need all three skills if I try to hit enemy fighters with my X-Wing?

Year 10 Day 205 2:21
No idea. Any descriptions for skills that are currently not implemented (such as those above) are merely a probably avenue that they will be used for and can change before they are implemented. So just take it with a grain of salt for now.


Year 10 Day 205 18:42
I try again and I turn to someone that know or can hint what this is about.

When joining the Combine you are told numerous times to choose your name, race, and skills wisely, as there is no going back.

The SWCombine is kept inline to make it as realistic, to a SW universe, as possible. The SWC would not sustain if we reset characters on a whim.

To reset your account, there are only In Character ways such as arrest/execute. There is also a three week recreate wait perriod from time of death, until you can start over again.

My only advice to you is talk to some of the veteran players of the SWC, whom have had the same character for 5 years or more. They played the character they started with, fleshing him out, developing him more. That is the way of the real world, so it is in the game too. You don't go and ask your parents for a reset do you? Well, if your emo you probably do, but thats besides the point. 

This is why I am asking.

I for one would very much like to know the differences to facilitate for new members I recruit for this game, I would not like them to wait 5 years to become what you can become at initial signup and creation of character.

What is Space Targeting intended for?

Is it intended - note - intended for Capital Ship shipboard weapons or for all types of shipboard weapons ranging over Capital/Freighter/Fighter Air/Space Combat, or is it it intended for Capital Shipboard weapons only.

The two skills Starfighter-Freighter Air Combat, Starfighter-Freighter Space Combat hints that they increases your chances to hit targets - if I presume this is with those as bonuses to your Space Targeting Skill?

Starfighter-Freighter Air Combat
Starfighter-Freighter Space Combat

For bonuses the above two and Space Targeting for the actual kill?

Year 10 Day 205 19:08
Greetings, I understand your question Plovo, in starting a new character I would suggest getting skill points that will help you out now. For instance when I recreated I loaded my character on Freighter Pilot and Capital Ship Piloting, my old character it was all in combat and fighter piloting. I also suggest have R&D Ships, which will really differentiate you from the others players when R&D gets out. You should also have points in leadership which I believe give bonuses to construction and diplomacy makes NPCs cheap to buy. Atm, to your question on the starfighter combat skills- I would not give them any atm, as combat will be a while before it is implemented, and I doubt you will be wanting to fight anyone in a freighter.

Year 10 Day 205 20:25
In all probability Space Targeting will be used for ALL shipboard weapons, regardless of ship class.

But, as was pointed out, that is an educated guess and nobody can tell you for sure at this time.

The other thing to keep in mind is that any character being created, or created in the past, will level up several times before these skills are implemented and it is a good idea to save up these skill points for unexpected changes to skills and rules later in development.


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Year 10 Day 205 21:51
Thanks guys this really helped.



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