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Awww, it's so hard to decide if I should use that CP method to get a ship and crash into the sun. So it's a guarantee that I'll get CP's if I go to "Support the Combine"? Sorry I'm so cautious I just don't want to have to wait another 9 months.

Yep guaranteed. In fact, if you actually vote on the sites you click on, you will get another load of points equal to what you gained over the last week as well, so it could be even less than that.



Ok I guess I'll use that method, also how do you buy the ship? Is there like a page where you buy it then you have it with you instantly on the spot?

It's me, Where do you find the page? Also I have 932,187 credits, is that enough to buy a ship to crash into the nearly sun? Also if I have enough how would I go about buying one? By the way thanks for all the help everyone, The Combine sure has a really good community.

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Yes, you can get a ship for that amount of credits, the problem is that it's most likely not at your location, i.e. you'd have to arrange for transport to the ship as well.

You can exchange your CPs by clicking on your CP amount, then the "Exchange for CPs" link at the top menu. To exchange CPs for a ship, you need to be standing on a planet (not inside a facility, ship or vehicle).


Ok thanks, I'm making my way to a market now, I'll try to buy on thats already on the planet. I'm making my way to a market now and I just got 180 CP's now. I'll keep getting CP's if I can't get a ship though. Thank you all so much!!

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