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Archives » Faction dissolution timer reset
Year 10 Day 209 19:22
Yesturday I got someone into my faction to bring the member count up to 10 to reset the dissolution timer for the faction. Seemed all good, so the person left. This morning I come online to a message about dissolution - which was fine, I was under 10 members. But the day it said the grace period started at was the old one, not the new one that should of been Day 205.

There is nothing in the rules that implies you need more than the 10 to reset the counter, or that someone needs to be in there for a certain time period for it to count. So, is this an error, or is there something else? (and yes the other 9 members have been online in the last 5 days, so its not that either).


Year 10 Day 209 20:30
You need to have the 10 people in the faction AT THE TIME THE DISSOLUTION CHECK RUNS. Just having 10 people at some random point does not cut it.

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Year 10 Day 209 21:12
Ah, didn't know that. Maybe that should be added to the rules page?


Year 10 Day 209 21:51
No it shouldn't. The games rules are that you need 10 active members of your faction for it to avoid dissolution, not that you hop members in to meet the rule whenever you need them just for a check.

When the server checks is not a game rule it's a programming consideration because it can't constantly be checked.


Year 10 Day 210 11:50
That would make "Member Hopping" as Ralgarrch said, to be against the Golden Rule.