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Year 10 Day 210 20:19
I read the rules yadda yadda.

I have a question about it..

say I have assets; ships/facilities/vehicles=90M
30M credits
+ 4.5M in items/cities/RMs

I make a faction 30-25M(faction fee)=5M+130.5M=bankrupt? or would i be safe say for the fact my assets is what would be keeping me afloat?

I ask because I see alot of factions dissolving either by lack of members (not the case of my question) or Bankruptcy?

I just want to be sure credits is not the factor in factions or "mine" going Bankrupt.

Year 10 Day 210 20:32
The total worth of the faction includes assets as well as credits, yes. As long as you maintain the appropriate value of assets (per the SWC server, of course, not player market value) then it doesn't matter how many or how few credits you have.


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Year 10 Day 210 20:53
Thanks Hal..Yes I check the total capital from the credits menu, so I know how much I have server wise.


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Year 10 Day 211 1:19
Just make sure you keep those entities in the faction.