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Year 10 Day 212 4:46
Helena Gladio
Helena Gladio

I have 2 questions:
Will there be DC's distributed along other (new) factions?

the second: When a med faction sells/give me the dc for the Med Nebulon ship,
and it gets dissolved, what will happen with the attached dc in my yard?

Thank you for your time upfront!



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 10 Day 212 5:38
Greetings Helena again, well when you start a new faction yes you will receive the DCs that generic faction type will usually receive. For ex: Ship Production faction you get DCs to Factory, Factory Station, all the Yards and escape pods. I beleive you will also ask what about the other ships that are not being produced by anyone for instance the yt 1210, it will have to be researched in R&D.

I beleive when a med faction sells a dc and it is tooled to your SY and then it disolves the DC does not. I could be wrong though, as it does give people the ability to just build medical factions for the dc then disband.

Year 10 Day 212 5:55
For the DC, if the faction dissolves before you start construction, then yes it will disappear. However, once construction has started, removing the DC either by option or dissolving will not hault production.


Year 10 Day 212 13:53
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Would construction not halt at 99% or something..

2/ Manufacturing« Back To TopThe primary use of the datacard is in manufacturing. To build anything in the Combine, a datacard containing the design of the object to be built must be present at the appropriate shipyard or factory along with the required raw materials. Every ship, vehicle, droid, piece of equipment, and facility will have a datacard that defines the specifications, blueprints, and processes required to manufacture them. If the datacard is removed before construction is complete, manufacturing stops until the datacard (or an exact copy) is returned.

- Rules

or does dissolution bypass the usual rules?



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Year 10 Day 212 14:07
That rule is never taken into account. As soon as the entity starts construction, it doesn't need the datacard anymore.