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Archives » A Simple Question Regarding Droids
Hey, I am really curious about where droids fit into the picture of SWC's development.

I just recently bought a droid faction called, "Cerberus Corporation" and I noticed datacards aren't passed out for droids yet.

I also notice a lot of talk about ship production, vehicle production, weapons production and items production but I was wondering where droid production fits in there.

I figure droids will be somewhat like NPC's but maybe a little more complicated, especially since they are supposed to do more than talk to you. :P (yes I know eventually NPC's will be able to do more than that, like quests and such.)

Anyways so where does droid production fit into this massive list of things to do? :)


The same area as ship/vehicle/item/weapon production.

Droids could be best described as a cross between items and NPCs. They'll be able to be partied and, possibly, spoken to like NPCs but they'll have specific actions/abilities based on their type like items.


Kids these days!
Sweet, looking forward to all types of production. :) Thanks for the answer.

no worries


Kids these days!