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Year 10 Day 223 11:01
Barjak Eaque
Barjak Eaque

I try to make a travel of 7 min
When I try to go to corner, I actualize and it always back to 7 min travel
Can I know why? Combine is block?
Thank you for answer

Year 10 Day 223 11:04
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
occasionally combine travel freezes. It may not be for too long, just be patient.

It does effect evrybody and not just you so nobody is gaining any advantage.

Year 10 Day 223 11:06
Barjak Eaque
Barjak Eaque
I try don't actualize and wait 7 min end
When time end, it restart at 7 min :s

Year 10 Day 223 11:10
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Your browser is doing the countdown so when it thinks it should be finished it checks the combine server to make sure it can get info for where you have gone.

In the current case however the timers have gone down so your browser is told there is still 7 mins, hence the reset after counting down.

Year 10 Day 223 11:30
If you would refresh the page at all during those 7 minutes, you would see it shoot right back up to 7, because the timer is not moving at all. It's not actually resetting on you.

Year 10 Day 223 11:34
Barjak Eaque
Barjak Eaque
Thank you for answers

Year 10 Day 223 11:35
Glad I found this thread, same for me. Is this a known issue? Will the travel take longer or will everything be fixed and we find ourselves at the destination?

EDIT: Seen the SIM News post, thanks guys :D

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Year 10 Day 223 13:15
I hope this gets fixed soon.

I have a lot of traveling to do in the next week. :D

Year 10 Day 223 13:18
Ha! I had a lot of traveling I intended to do today. I'm just glad I went for the comfort seat upgrade on my swoop!


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Year 10 Day 223 22:54
Barjak Eaque
Barjak Eaque
Still not fix
Admin try fix it, we just have to be patient ^^
Go to gambling hunt ;)

Year 10 Day 229 12:53
Barjak Eaque
Barjak Eaque

Edited By: Barjak Eaque on Year 10 Day 229 13:21
Year 10 Day 229 18:31
Its been fixed for a while now.