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Archives » Still having issues with my stylesheet
Before posting, please read this topic, thanks.

Even after trying all the solutions provided in that thread (and then some), I'm still having problems with the "input" CSS selector styling the ETA timers. Can somebody please help me solve this?

I'm pretty sure this could be changed by giving the ETA timers a different HTML selector, but I obviously don't have the authority to do this.

right now it seems to be broken anyways (I can't add new selectors/classes/ids and properties).

Otherwise, try adding:

input.clock {
color: #123456;
background: #987654;


form.etaTicker input {
color: #123456;
background: #987654;

Neither solutions worked. I tried it with my FireFox's "stylish" extension, and it didn't work either, so I'm guessing that the HTML needs to be changed so that the ETA Ticker has a separate CSS selector. Do you know who can do this? It can always be reverted if it doesn't work.

The second one should definitely work. The first one might not as the input-field's class is named "Clock", not "clock".


The second solution worked in Firefox's "EditCSS" extension, but when I tried to apply it via "Stylish", there were no changes (I even added the "!important" declaration, still nothing).

I am confident that giving the etaticker a different selector would fix this problem.

No it wouldn't. Did you get an error message when trying to save the stylesheet? I did when I tried to save earlier (the error appears above the stylesheet entries).

Edited By: Togan Jano on Year 10 Day 232 10:46

I got no error with either "EditCSS" nor "Stylish", but with SWC's CSS editor, I got this:

An Error type: PHP Warning with the Message: file_put_contents(/var/www/localhost/main/skins/1274531.css) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied has occured. It has been stored as Error 13622.

- "SWC's CSS Editor"
In case you hadn't noticed, the error message spelled "occurred" wrong. lol

Exactly, that's what I was saying. Updating SWC's custom stylesheets apparently doesn't work atm, thus your updates won't carry over.

How they work with addons depends partly on how the addons submit them to the browser, thus if it works in one, I'm fairly certain it'll work once actually added to your custom stylesheet.

Try making a bug report about the error, someone will sooner or later fix it and allow you to update the custom stylesheet.


Will do, thanks!