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Year 10 Day 231 20:07
I´m trying to power up a shield generator. I´ve met all of the conditions, pressed engaged and waited for an hour while it says "powering up".

After the hour pass, I receive a message on my inventory events stating that "the shield generator has been set offline" and the shielg generator status is still "powered down".

Am I doing something wrong? Should I post it as a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Year 10 Day 231 20:21
Is there another shield currently running in the city?

Year 10 Day 231 20:33
I believe there was something like this in the bugbase already. Might want to check there and add a note if there is one. If not, start a new one.


Year 10 Day 231 20:54
Hey Phillip! Wondering where were you! Nice to see you again. There is another shield, but is powered off. I forgot to mention that after the ETA gets on 0 the ETA changes to "Journey ending".

Still, I don´t think I´m doing something wrong, I´ll check the bug base, thanks Elias.

If there´s anything I could do before waiting the admins to solve my problem? ;)

Year 10 Day 232 3:48
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Helena Gladio
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Year 10 Day 233 4:39
Several members have been having this problem, I saw it at the bug forum report posted twice, and on both post it says fixed. Well, it still ain´t working for me, I´m trying like trice a day waiting for the damn sg to power up.

My question is, should I post for the third time on a "fixed" problem, or is me that I should update something or change something somewhere?

Year 10 Day 233 5:04
Depends. If the "fixed" status has been added to the bug between the last sync and now (check the sync report on the Sim News), then the bugfix will be synced the next time. If it was fixed before the last sync, then make a new one or reopen the old bug (if possible).


Year 10 Day 233 5:13
There, thats the answer I was waiting for, thanks Togan. Thought bugs got fixed instantly, forgive this impatient fish :)

Year 10 Day 235 8:06
Just adding it is added to a CCC right?