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Year 10 Day 235 6:23
I've spent CPs on a room image twice now, and both times they are up for a while then are gone. At the moment I am back to the default for my room.

Not sure if I am doing anyting wrong, if this is some kind of bug in the game, or if something changed that made my room image invalid. Would love some help.


Year 10 Day 235 6:51
Unless someone on the art team has a look at the images after they have been accepted and deciding that they don't fit, it could be a bug. I have room images on the ship I am on, and they haven't disappeared yet.


Year 10 Day 235 7:13
I am pretty sure Art Team needs your room ID# to help you out, Kayleb.


Year 10 Day 235 12:09
Gitane Z Demone
Gitane Z Demone
Most likely it got deleted during the sweep that was announced. It probably was not the correct size (395x315).



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Year 10 Day 236 15:37
Well the image was always up for quite a while before it vanished. Pretty sure it's the right size.

Room ID: (769156)

Edited By: Kayleb on Year 10 Day 236 15:38

Year 10 Day 236 15:49
AH ... okay. Just noticed that the room is 400x315. Will fix.

EDIT: Okay I've fixed the size up. Not sure how that extra 5 pixels got through... It's hosted at the same URL address. Is there any chance it can be put back in, or do I need to pay another 500CPs?

Edited By: Kayleb on Year 10 Day 236 16:00