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Year 10 Day 239 8:59
Jeet Ewandoan
Jeet Ewandoan
I just started yesterday, and I have got to the star port but there are no ship's. I payed a NWC transport off the world, but it is not working, what do I do????

Year 10 Day 239 10:53
I would suggest reading the Guide, linked at the top of the page, if you haven't done so yet. You should look into joining a faction and figuring out where they want you to go and if they're planning to pick you up first, to make it a bit easier for yourself. There's not much you can do outside of a faction, so trying to travel without a destination will probably be a frustrating experience.

Year 10 Day 239 17:34
Jeet Ewandoan
Jeet Ewandoan
I've already read the guide, and am part of the galactic empire, but besides getting a letter from them saying I was a member, they haven't told me to do anything. I tried to reply to ask them to come and get me but it would not let me. Thanks for your help.

Year 10 Day 239 17:42
The Galactic Empire has an extensive academy system for new members. In your acceptance e-mail it should have had a link to the forums where you can sign up, introduce yourself, and get started on the process of being picked up/getting a job.

Year 10 Day 239 18:13
Jeet Ewandoan
Jeet Ewandoan
I have signed up already. Now what???

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Year 10 Day 239 20:57
Now you wait for the boys in white to come pick you up.


"I like Justin Beiber Mash-Up's the best" is what I keep telling myself.

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Year 10 Day 239 23:46
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Keep in mind travel time can take days, weeks, etc. So patience is key to this game when it comes to going from point A to point B. Though it is slow in the travel format, you'll enjoy the other aspects of the Combine. Enjoy your stay ;)



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Year 10 Day 246 22:10
Can you tell me how I can buy a ship. I have Credits but don't know where to go to buy one. Thank you for your help

Year 10 Day 246 23:21
Please make your own thread for your own questions.