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Archives » Banner Exchange Question/issue
Year 10 Day 239 15:55
Lars Mino
Lars Mino
I was registered officially in the banner exchange on Day 229. MKy account meets all requirements(Thanks to Ryan Roche). Unfortunately I have not recieved my 5000 cps yet. I have emailed the proper email address about 3 times, though no responce has been recieved. So I have three questions, who is the admin in charge of that, is he active(Ryan Roche stated its a he), and if so is there anyother way I can contact him?

Year 10 Day 239 16:46
Email: bannerexchange@swcombine.com
Leader: Rhyasan Kronos
Status: Active

That's all I know. He should have responded if you sent him an email.

Year 10 Day 239 16:58
Lars Mino
Lars Mino
Welll ic he hasnt been on since day 235. I sent a dm so I will still wait...

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Year 10 Day 239 18:44
The combine staff is generally pretty smart. They wouldn't assign someone as leader if they thought he would go inactive. I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Edit: I just remembered that the same thing happened to me a while back. I had to send in my account name and pass to get the 5000 cp's though. Just be sure to not post your pass here obviously.

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Year 10 Day 240 7:39
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson


Year 10 Day 240 8:06
Eric, posts that are at least semi-helpful are appreciated. Posts like those to get your post count up, are just annoying. If you want to spam or talk in forums, do it in mIrc or in your faction's forums, not here.

Edit: If you don't understand, please just say so. If you think I'm funny, send me a tip. Don't just sit there and "Heh" me.

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Year 10 Day 240 8:11
He was laughing at the fact that Rhyasan does, in fact, go inactive for long periods of time. So he found your general level of optimism and/or ignorance to be amusing.

I'm laughing at you treating him like a noob, though.

Lars, because of this it's best to just wait until he reads your email. It generally doesn't take much longer than a couple weeks, but it depends.

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Year 10 Day 240 8:12
Lamy Homo
Lamy Homo


Lamy Homo