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Year 10 Day 240 7:09
I'm inside a warehouse, which I have privs to, and at the command room. I have the option under "Control" for "Building Management" but when I click on that button, I get a blank screen. I'm trying to load RM's onto a Bulk. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Thanks

Lan Sode

Year 10 Day 240 7:33
Something similar was reported to the bug base a couple weeks back I believe. However, when they reported it, it was for the Enter Cockpit screen was the only difference. I'm pretty sure they're working on it now.

Year 10 Day 240 8:16
Lan, sometimes it helps if you leave the room and re-enter, or exit the facility and enter it again.

Also, the Cockpit/Management link sometimes shows up even when you don't actually have the privs to access it, which causes the blank screen you're talking about. I'd also double check to make sure I had the proper access, if I were you.

Year 10 Day 240 9:26
Dorn Zeke
Dorn Zeke
To add a bit more info, when you are already in the command room/cockpit, and are then assigned privs to get the control screen, you must leave the room and re-enter - it seems the actual controls are activated when you enter the room (or something to that effect).


Year 10 Day 240 17:13
Mikel, You were right. I actually didn't have privs even though the management link was available. It's fixed now. Thanks for the help.