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Year 10 Day 244 0:41

So, while I wait to see if my second attempt is acceptable (and now thinking the third time will probably have to be the charm)...

Exactly how strict are they on the naming policy? I personally want to create a Chevin (shocking, right?), and my first attempt at a name was Masto Don... okay, I'll bite that since its just the word Mastodon with a space in the middle that maybe it isn't believable (though would've been awesome being an elephant man and all).

My second attempt is now Masphan Don. The "phan" is still elephantish, and it stound vaguely sounds like the critter that has inspired me. But will this get rejected, too? Are we not allowed to have names as painfully blunt as some of the ones George Lucas himself came up with? After all, the most famous Chevin of all time's name is frakkin' Ephant Mon... If anything, I feel my horribly unoriginal name then seems to actually fit into Chevin naming scheme.

Year 10 Day 244 4:39
Looks like second time is a charm!

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Masphan Don

Welcome :)


Year 10 Day 244 5:50
I would probably even have accepted Masto Don, but then it's always up to the person who processes the handles at that time, whether something like that makes it through or not.


Year 10 Day 245 3:22
Masphan Don
Masphan Don
Well it wasn't my first choice... but yeah, I guess Masphan Don will still do nicely.

Also interesting that it's all based on the individual who happens to be the one to review your name. If I'd known that, I would've probably kept trying until someone was cool with Masto Don. Meh, doesn't matter now.

And thanks for the welcome to SWCombine. Seems... like an interesting little way to waste a little free time on the internets.

Year 10 Day 245 6:08
I don't think you could of tried again. I believe one of the admins that accepts handles stated that rejected handles are added to a list that will automatically reject any further applications with that handle.


Year 10 Day 245 6:10
It depends on the reason why it was declined. If it's due to being a disallowed name (e.g. name from a Star Wars character or a character from a different universe), then it is automatically blocked in the future.

All other declination reasons don't affect the database of blocked handles iirc.