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Year 10 Day 244 6:06

I would like to ask the staff something. I could not find any other place to do it.
I have doubts that MAYBE the e-mail database of the combine has been hacked.

Few hours ago i received this message in my E-mail

"Urgent Message To Shosho Smahnatia


From:Barr.Desmond Francis & Co. Chambers

Solicitors & Advocates.

06 BP 1409 Akpakpa Dodomey,

Cotonou - Benin Republic .

Attn: Shosho Smahnatia, "
And it went on, that i have won millions...whatever.
There is no other way for this spammer to know me by the name Shosho Smahnatia, this is the only site, that my e-mail and my Handle are linked together. Would you check to see if this is so. For i do not wish to suspend another G mail account because of spam.


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Year 10 Day 244 9:12
Have you been clicking for CP's in the CPAlead.com area (as opposed to the regular banner-clicking on the left of that page). If so you might be getting the spam as a result of that....

....Which simply reinforces my advice to not use CPAlead and even moreso to get rid of CPAlead.


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Year 10 Day 244 13:42
Have you used that e-mail address on any SWC faction sites or forums, or has anyone else listed your handle and e-mail address on a public site?

Seems more probable that's what happened, especially if you've only received one spam mail.

Year 10 Day 248 7:58
I recieved one too, sadly I have just deleted it. It also used my factions name, so my first thought was that it came from the combine database.

It is not an email with a virus, but whatever you do, DO NOT give your bank account number to such things!!!


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