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Year 10 Day 244 10:35
Jeet Ewandoan
Jeet Ewandoan
Can any one help me, i'm stuck in a ship travelling to Corellia from Alzzoc III. The time expected was just over a day, and it has been 2. The ship is owned by StarSpeeder 3000 Star Tours. The ship Is not moving, but yesterday it said on the screen that we would be there in 34 min. I know we are not in a starport because it doesn't give me the option of leaving the ship.

Year 10 Day 244 16:24
Greetings Jeet, well that StarSpeeder 3000 is a admin/game ship, it isn't owned by any player rather the game itself. My best bet would to email a admin at assistants@swcombine.com

Year 10 Day 244 16:28
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Justin Sarn
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Year 10 Day 245 0:11
There will be a reason that he ETA is changing. It won't give an ETA for the entire trip, just for each step. So it will give an ETA for getting to orbit, getting out of the gravwell, time in hyper, time to get to planet, time to descend. Use the Nac comp to work out roughly how long it should of taken, add about a day to that time to account for extra travel, and if it takes longer than that, contact an admin.