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Year 11 Day 65 12:14
This game would be TERRIBLE if anyone could choose to be force sensitive. Without the Rebels, the Stormtroopers, and the weird looking Hut in the corner smoking some kind of thing while a Han Solo-type shoots a black-eyed green alien at a booth with a blaster and then runs out of the cantina just to be ran over by an idiot on a speeder bike, Star Wars would be a steaming pile of crap!
Low percentage force chance is great! The chances that SWCombine give is actually pretty realistic. Look at the movies and books and stuff!!! There's like 1 force-sensitive in every 10,000. THAT is how you do it.
- Jengo Chase

Year 11 Day 87 7:18
Logan Stormcaller
Logan Stormcaller
Forgive me for reviving an old topic... But at least even as a Newbie - I hope to bring some sense to the discussion.

Anyone who has actually bothered to watch movies and learn of the storyline should understand that FS Persons were few and far between at best, and after Episode III became more or less non existant... The Story itself - The Star Wars Universe makes it clear that few ever develop "True Force Ability"

With this in mind, and bearing in mind the setting that has been placed upon the Combine Universe, It is only sensible and feasible that FS Characters should be so few and far between.

Not only would any change unbalance the game, but it would completly alter and already established history.

Of course we all dream of having the Force... I grew up wanting to be a Jedi or a Mercenary like the films main heroes... But for balance and history, The creators have got things spot on.

Sorry to disappoint - But you are just going to have to take the advice offered and Level Up and keep trying... Its the only sensible way.

Year 11 Day 88 0:35
During a mission ah came across a tutorial NPC that mentioned something about Force Testing, but couldn't find a way to get them to talk

Year 11 Day 269 17:57

I'm not gonna lie, being force sensitive would be so sick! But I think it would also have its drawbacks... As in if I were force sensitive I wouldn't really feel right using my standard blaster. Id feel like I HAD to use the saber because I wouldn't feel like a Jedi/Sith while using a blaster or any other weapon other than a light saber. So not having force powers gives you a lot more freedom because you dont have any strings attached to being normal. You can be anything you want!

Iono if that made sense to anyone else but yeah, a Jedi with a blaster rifle doesn't seem.... accurate.

There are many more appeals to smuggling and being a bounty hunter as you get a wide assortment of weapons to choose from.

So in short, yeah its cool to be able to shoot lighting, but its not a game breaker for myself if I dont because personally I love Star Wars too much to crave only the force appeal.

May the force be with you... or not... hahaha

Year 11 Day 269 18:12
Thread Necro is bad!

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