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Year 10 Day 246 8:45

Whats the deal i used the sites names generator to make a name used the first name from one it gave and the last name from another it gave, and i was declined this has happened no matter what name i use used my nick name Bonkerz Bobcat that was refused i don't get it it's a name with no rank etc to it its a real nickname.aside from they how can they reject the names there own name generator make, and 4 times at that ?????? am i being personally ruled out for some reason i am trying make accounts for myself and my nephiew,we run a at home network of 4 differant computers and all handles chosen have been rejected.I am going to keep trying names this name generator makes but this is a bit outrageous wasted 7 hours now trying to make a charector that i coulda easilly found something better to do with the time like play the game lol posted it seperate thought it was like most servers where u want topic's in the same place sorry

Year 10 Day 246 9:08
Greetings, well to tell you the truth, when I started over 2 years ago I had the same problem. The thing is that alto of the names that the name generator generates have been in use already by players, it's much easier to make your own name that defines who you are. Also if your nephew is going to play along with you, be sure to sign up as multies, meaning there are multiple characters playing from your household. Enjoy and good luck.

Year 10 Day 246 10:04
The character Handle rules have been updated since the Name Generator was added. It is provided for suggestions only (and is also used for naming NPCs), and clearly states that in the section that it is linked. It should be fairly easy for you to check back and see if the generated Handle is valid or not. The most common problem seems to be that it is still offering canon surnames as an option, which are no longer allowed.


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