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Year 10 Day 248 19:34
is there an ETA on space combat (or even combat in general) being implemented?

or even an aproxamate time/date?

Year 10 Day 248 19:43

In other words, when it gets done.

Year 10 Day 248 20:38
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
I'll put it into perspective... it was announced "soon" 3 years ago. But least I can beat up some brawlers now... it's progress >.>. Though feel free to utilize the simulators some groups have been using the past few years.



Join Date: Year 3 Day 340
Year 10 Day 248 21:24
than is there any more progress expected to be relised soon (within 3 months)

Year 10 Day 248 21:28
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Heh, you're one funny guy ;P



Join Date: Year 3 Day 340
Year 10 Day 248 23:15
There are many other things that need to be brought in before combat can be released. Likely a year or 2 before the admins/devs get around to starting on it.


Year 10 Day 250 1:44
i didnt mean combat all together, i ment any progress being shown at all...but i gess not than...

Year 10 Day 250 1:57
Every new feature that is implemented is a step into the direction of combat. Even if it's just the ability to have creatures or the ability to apply a bacta patch.

Those are small steps, but without them, combat can't be done.


Year 10 Day 250 14:36
i know that

Year 10 Day 251 11:01
Obviously not, or you wouldn't have even asked the question or had such a snide remark in your previous post. If you're wondering why people aren't very sympathetic to your question, it's because it gets asked constantly even though the answer never changes. It'll be done when it's done, and that's about it.

Year 10 Day 251 16:21
i dont awnser in rude ways even tho it could look like that...

and i knew it waz frequently asked but i didnt see the awnser so i wanted to see if there waz anything bigger than just the usual programing...

Year 10 Day 254 18:29
“People hate when I bring up these links” but well it might help answering your question.

I will keep bringing them up until we are provided some new information. ;)


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