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Archives » Why won't the wreckers Wreck! :)
Greetings! I am having the worst time of my life getting my Employees to be able to wreck a building. maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong, I will tell you all the things I have tried.

Firstly, this whole thing started out recycling a Facility for a faction we will call 'Wild Willy's Wrecking wonders' (Don't want to give names and is not a Recycling faction).

So, I had 'Wild Willy's Wrecking wonders' assign my employees as operator of the facility, then I had them assign my Faction 'Pulsar Recycling' as Commander of the Facility as it says it should be in the rules. Since Pulsar was the owner and Commander of the Wrecker being use and the Pilot was in the Faction which is a Recycling faction.....that should have satisfied the Rules.

* Target must not already be a wreck;
* Target must have same owner or commander/manager as the entity converting;
* Target is in the same location;
* Target is not involved in or linked to another action i.e. being recycled;
* There are no passengers or cargo onboard; (It is empty)
* Pilot must be onboard throughout the conversion process.

So I had my Employees try to wreck the Facility....but it does not show up to be able to start the process!

Just so you know what i had them do....here is the Steps I had them Take...

1) Enter Cockpit
2) Click Action
3) Click Facilities
4) (You should be able to select the facility but it was not there!)

After that did not work I thought "Hmmm, maybe I Pulsar would have to own the Facility to be able to turn it into a wreck!" so I had 'Wild Willy's Wrecking wonders' send me the facility. guess what, IT DID NOT WORK!!!!

So that is my problem, does anyone know what I am doing wrong?!?!?!?!

Thanks for your time and any help you would be able to give me. :)

Are the facilities tagged already? Tag them through the Scanner (I think) before trying to wreck them is the no-brainer response.

Does the recycling faction OWN the facilities?

1.4/ Who can Recycle?
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The following conditions must be satisfied in order to be able to recycle:

* Entity must have recycling abilities (check relevant rules page);
* Must have enough credits to recycle;
* Must have a weight and volume capacity greater than 0, if wanting some Raw Materials to be returned;
* Owner is a recycling faction or;
* Manager is a recycling faction and operator is a member of that recycling faction;
* Must have a PC or at least 1 NPC working throughout the recycling process.
* NPCs must be owned by the owner of the recycling vehicle or pilot of that vehicle, must be of the type Recycler and in one of the rooms of the recycling vehicle or station.
* To recycle a city, the recycling vehicle must be owned by the same recycling faction that owns the city.
* You can only recycle empty cities (ones with no facilities in them).

- Recycling Rules

There have been a few bugs with the wreckers lately also (I was confined to one for a week), so checking the bug base might help too.

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I was under the impression that you only have to Tag Facility's that are already Wrecked...

1.3/ Tagging Wrecks
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You can Tag any unowned wrecks from your cockpit scanner, simply click the 'Tag' button. To tag facilities you must be adjacent to or over the top of it, for everything else you need to be at the same location. Tagging a wreck transfers ownership of it to the owner of the ship or vehicle that is doing the tagging.

I did not see anything in the Wrecking Rules that says it has to be tagged.....But I will give it a shot and try! :)

Brain lapse! The entities do get tagged AFTER conversion, as the Rules state.

Have you made sure the facilities are empty? There have been a few times wrecking has been delayed due to NPCs being inside them.

Edit: Question removed after re-reading first post.

Edited By: Mozinwrath Blackfrost on Year 10 Day 249 8:36

Yes it is empty. :)

Hay thanks for Trying Mozinwrath! I am going to see if it Does need Tagged...I Found a Note in the Wrecker rules that says..

Conversion follows normal rules for wrecks, so converted wrecks will need to be tagged.

I am not sure if that mean i do have to tag it so.....I will let you know as soon as i find out!

Year 10 Day 249 10:36
Ok, my employee says that they can't tag it...so that is not the problem.

Any Other thoughts?

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Year 10 Day 249 21:37
As a fellow recycler I understand how frustrating some of the rules of wrecking and recycling can be, as well as how hard it is to teach newbiews a complicated process that doesn't reward enough XP (despite all this talk of wanting more people on the surface...) This is what I wrote as essential reading for all my employees.

The Wreckers Bible: Or how I learned to stop worrying and convert buildings into wrecks.

1. Conditions for an entity to be converted into a wreck:

* Target must not already be a wreck;
* Target must have same owner or commander/manager as the entity converting;
* Target is in the same location;
* Target is not involved in or linked to another action i.e. being recycled;
* There are no passengers or cargo onboard;
* Pilot must be onboard throughout the conversion process.

2. How to convert an entity into a wreck:

Step 1: Enter Cockpit
Step 2: In the cockpit menu click "Actions"
Step 3: Under the actions menu select " Convert"
Step 4: It should bring up 4 buttons labeled "Ships" "Vehicles" "Facilities" and "Space stations". Select the appropriate entity type. Picture Example
Step 5: An entity should show up (either a ship, facility,vehicle or space station) select the correct entity (if one or more is shown.
Step 6: Your session should refresh and you should see an ETA screen:

Step 7: Wait patiently, each wrecker is equipped with the latest issue of Twi`lek Dancer monthly for your entertainment. [image redacted]

Step 8: After wreck conversion is successful enter the cockpit and search for the building on the scanner. The wrecked building should now have a "Tag" option, select this.


I am really Greatful for your Help! I will give this to my Employee and we will see if it works! I will keep you updated.

Thanks again!

I have a quick question.....Does the Facility have to be powered or Open to all?

Year 10 Day 250 16:41
I have recycled buildings in which the power has been cut. The openess of the facility shouldn't have any effect on the process. I have never encountered a problem in wrecking when all those specific conditions were met.


What Jawa's lack in feet they make up for in inches.
Year 10 Day 250 18:31

They have met the conditions but they still can not do it. :( The only thing they are able to do is split the facility....

Just in case it was the Facility that was causing problems I had them try another one but with no luck.

Any other ideas?

Year 10 Day 250 18:43
So it is already wrecked? What's the hull/ionic at? If you can split it then you probably can bring in a salvage droid and recycle it.


What Jawa's lack in feet they make up for in inches.
Year 10 Day 251 21:21
The ionic is at 0/1 and the hull now is at 37%.....I thought it had to be 15% or lower to be a wreck?

Year 10 Day 251 21:48
As far as I recall, the hull % remaining varies from wreck to wreck. As long as it is in the red, it should be okay to recycle. (As far as I know, it only turns red after it has been successfully wrecked anyways).


Year 10 Day 252 22:50
Well, it is still green. :( I have my employee moving to a Different City to see if they can wreck something there. I will keep this topic updated.

Sanatana Profigous
Sanatana Profigous
The wreck has to be below 15% to recycle, basically why don't you just get the hull down to 5 or something and then recycle?


Year 10 Day 254 10:42
I have thought of that myself...but when we stilt the building it done not go down in size...it stays at 37/37 Hull....

My employee still has no luck in a new city with a new Facility. :(