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Year 10 Day 258 21:58
Arik Rukas
Arik Rukas
Not too long ago, I recieved a notice that someone had sent me several items. Excited, I checked my inventory, only to learn that not only that they weren't in my possession, but that they are stored several sectors away. Is that supposed to happen, or am I just being unaware of any known issues? If so, my apologies, this is just severely confusing...

Year 10 Day 258 22:20
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
Try to double click the name on it and change it to yours. Was the items from a trade? Also, you would need to find where they are stored and contact the owner to get it out.



Year 10 Day 258 22:51
Arik Rukas
Arik Rukas
As far as I can tell, they are stored at NPC facilities, and this wasn't the result of any trade, I was just minding my business when I got the notice of the items being sent to me. It's gonna be a long haul from Roche VII to Ancorhead -_-

Year 10 Day 258 23:27
Items are not delivered to you when they are made over - you have to go and get them yourself, or arrange for someone to do that for you. By the looks of it someone just wanted to get rid of those items from their inventory and so gave them to a random new player (you).

The inventory you get events for and linked on the right had side are just the items and stuff you own, not those that are on your person.


Year 10 Day 259 1:23
Arik Rukas
Arik Rukas
Ah, I see, many thanks.