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Year 10 Day 260 15:03

how is Maddogg Foaminmouth rejected as a character name.

Year 10 Day 260 15:27
Doesn't sound even close to a real name...

Year 10 Day 260 18:08
did you read the character name rules?

Edited By: Tuural Snist on Year 10 Day 260 18:08
Year 10 Day 260 18:16
Read the Character Creation rules (link) if you haven't already. Read them again if you've already read them. If you read them now and still haven't come up with an answer to your question, read them a third time.

Specifically section 2.1, "Select Handle", if the link wasn't clear enough.

Year 10 Day 262 18:23
Foaminmouth = Foam in mouth. Just sayin.


Year 10 Day 262 20:04
Grrozle, more likely to be foaming mouth, as in the rabid, mad dog?


Year 10 Day 264 17:46

I recently submitted a screen name a that was rejected and am curious as to why. Kieran is a real first name and Horne is a real last name... so why was the name Kieran Horne rejected? if it is already taken, fine, tell me and I'll choose a new name. Thank you for your time,

Year 10 Day 264 17:54
It would help if you listed the exact reason given in the e-mail. However, if I were to guess, I would think that the person declining it was thinking of the canon surname Horn, which is disallowed. It's at the discretion of the team member if they think a name is sufficiently close to a canon name as to be attempting to circumvent the rules.


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Year 10 Day 264 18:01

Ok, that makes sense, thank you. I thought maybe it was because it was close to a name I read in a star wars book, I Jedi . The name was Corran Horn and he later went by Kieran Halcyon in the book.

Year 10 Day 264 18:03

Also, here is the exact phrasing from the e-mail:
[qoute]It was turned down because it either contains numbers/special characters or it doesn't sound like a name (ie: Red Wolf).[/qoute]