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Year 10 Day 279 7:49
I understand that if you are the pilot of a ship traveling through hyperspace and you board another ship that is docked aboard your ship, your hyperspace journey will abort immediately?

If so, is this also true if you board a vehicle that is hangered aboard your ship?

Year 10 Day 279 8:15
Sorry. Found this in the rules on movement...

6/ About aborting your travel

There are two ways to abort your travel:

Either you voluntarily press the Abort button;
Either you leave your ship/vehicle or board another entity inside your ship/vehicle.  

Since it says "board another entity inside your ship/vehicle" I'll take that to mean the answer to my question is yes, unless someone has evidence to the contrary.

Year 10 Day 279 8:32
Yep you presume correct. Any entity you could enter that has a different room map to the ship thats in hyper will cause an abort. Unless you have the droid and fulfill the conditions etc.


Year 10 Day 279 10:01
If you want to not abort, then you could use a pilot droid...



Year 10 Day 279 10:53
Are all pilot droids implemented for flight?

Year 10 Day 279 10:55

Easy enough to check out.

Year 10 Day 279 19:18
Only those that have the relevant pilot skill for the ship your in.


Year 10 Day 279 22:51
So an RX Astromech Droid can do all the following? I'm impressed!

A piloting droid made exclusively for the Starspeeder 3000 series, the RX is a capable droid programmed to follow very specific coordinates between landing pads stored in its memory. Over time, its programming has been improved and it is now able to pilot any fighter or freighter and can even engage other ships in combat long enough to get to safety. Equipped with an advanced diplomacy chip, it is able to converse pleasantly with passengers, and is quite a capable pilot able to avoid sudden dangers that may appear. Although rather antiquated, the series still draws its share of enthusiasts who find its programming especially useful since it can take control of the ship and continue piloting the ship until it reaches its destination even when the pilot has left the ship and entered another vessel docked within it. 

Year 10 Day 279 22:54
Description != Rules


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Year 10 Day 279 23:21
Sorry Hal, a link in a previous post led me to that description. I was just funnin' the guys.

I found this in the rules for droids;

5/ Droid Piloting

Droids with piloting skills can maintain travel after the pilot has left the ship or vehicle (such as by entering a docked entity), therefore avoiding a potentially annoying and unplanned abort.

The following conditions must be met for this automatic event to take place:

Droid is located in the cockpit.
Vessel's class is appropriate for the droid's skills (ie. Capital Ship Piloting > 0 to operate a capital ship).
Droid's supervisor is the same as ship or vehicle pilot. 

So is this rule functional for all the droids listed as partially implemented?

Edited By: De`zheel Rynak on Year 10 Day 279 23:26
Year 10 Day 280 1:39
This rule applies to any droid. However, you'll notice that only three of them have skills in ship piloting


Year 10 Day 280 5:02
Incidentally, has anyone tried having the battledroid (I think it has vehicle piloting skill) pilot?


Year 10 Day 280 7:29
Ellias, there probably is not much demand for that feature on vehicles since they will likely not fly into a star if their movement aborts. But it would be a 'nice to know'...

Year 10 Day 280 8:42
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
so if you jump aboard another ship and fly away then the ship will still travel on the predetermined course in sublight?



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Year 10 Day 280 8:54
yes, if you have a pilot droid.



Year 10 Day 280 9:18
I was led to believe that entities could not currently undock/unhanger from moving parent entioties?

Year 10 Day 280 9:40
They can when in sublight travel. I haven't tried it in hyper (not being that crazy about the possibility of the mighty blackhole reaching out and swallowing me).

Year 10 Day 280 10:50
That must've been some bad information I got then. Sounds like both sublight and ground movement might find droid pilots very useful, if you can undock from a moving parent vehicle.

Year 10 Day 280 11:49
Undocking does halt the travel of the parent ship. The only thing the droids help with is the boarding of the still docked vehicle. As soon as you enter (click) the cockpit, travel is halted for that parent ship.

Year 10 Day 280 18:12
Didn't think you were even able to undock while the ship was moving - it should give a 'blastdoors are closed' type error message if you try doing that.


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