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Year 10 Day 281 3:15
I really want to get off planet Manaan, I'm stuck in one city, how do I travel from one city to another. I tryed what the guide said, but I could not find the buttens. There is a NPC transport, will that help me get off planet Manaan? If so I do I get to it seeing I have to leave the city. I wish I could buy a ship of my own, but there is no markets in the city i'm in. Could someone please give me some awnsers?

Year 10 Day 281 3:22
To travel from one city to another (on the same planet), you have to stand at the very border of the city. Then you will get the "Cross Terrain" button.

To leave the planet, you either need to use a ship you own or rent, have someone pick you up or use the NPC transport from a NPC-owned starport (specially marked on the planetary map) to travel to another NPC-owned starport.


Year 10 Day 281 3:24
Thank you for the help....