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Year 10 Day 281 9:14
i have this engineer vest just laying arount on a planet (sorry i forgot witch) and i was about to go retrive it when i noticed it was on somebody's wasnt there befor and i didnt assign it to anyone to carry, i looked in inventory events and it said i assinged somone to carry it, witch i did not...and another weird thing happened, the name changed and i dont have record of it changeing...

it says its location is:

Stored in Room: Cockpit (ID: 98143)
Ship: YT-2000 Jolly Jumper (ID: 105655)

my vest's name was "Lost Vest" than just for fun i named it "Lost Vest OF THE REBELLION!!!"

my vest is:

ID# 966530
Name: Lost Vest OF THE REBELLION!!!

does anyone have an explination as to what happened, cuz i shure dont...

Year 10 Day 281 9:56
Items can be picked up by anyone who can see them (not just Quartermaster or Carrier), meaning your item was most likely picked up by someone and taken onto their ship.

It is quite common to post the storage location in the Traders Lounge to try to get in contact with the owner of that entity, who might let you pick it up or drop it off somewhere else.


Year 10 Day 281 9:58
damn it...

Year 10 Day 281 10:20
well, what about the name?

Year 10 Day 281 10:32
What name?

As I said, try using the Traders Lounge forum (on the RPG Centre) to help find the ship's owner. We cannot help you with IC problems.


Year 10 Day 281 10:51
"and another weird thing happened, the name changed and i dont have record of it changeing..."

Year 10 Day 281 11:17
The person carrying the item can change the name as well.


Year 10 Day 281 11:21
ok, thank you for the help...