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Year 10 Day 281 17:15

I know...that why you have done this, but, lets be honest, that is a rediculous amount of time to wait for the activation of an account. I put my app in about an hour ago...and I want to be playing NOW...not tomorrow.

Why not automate the process? It would probably bring in more players for the sim.

Year 10 Day 281 17:28
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Applications have to checked for handle appropriateness and multis,banned players trying to circumvent the system etc

Honestly,if 1 hour has you angered..Combine probably isn't gonna be the game for you.Its a snails pace game


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Year 10 Day 281 18:17

Now...I didnt say angered now did I?

No, I did not.

at 32, I do have some patience. Ive been roleplaying for 20 years. And, Im eager to get involved and get started

Year 10 Day 281 18:28
I want to be playing NOW 

I do have some patience 

I find those statements rather contradictory. The process cannot be automated because we want to ensure a quality experience for all of our players, and inappropriate handles or multi-accounts detract from the experience for everyone. You should be approved shortly - as Xavze said, it takes from a few hours to many weeks to travel between systems in the galaxy, weeks or months to build anything, etc.

True patience is a virtue here.

Year 10 Day 281 18:41

My apologies if I have upset any of you. Just that I have fond memories of the West End Games Star Wars and the fun I had with my characters there. Just that, Ive been reading over everything here, looking at the races, guides, etc and its really whet my appetite for the game.

I havent seen a browser based game with this much detail before and certainly not one that is based in the Star Wars Universe. Its been some time as well since I have had any sort of decent roleplaying with anyone and Im rather hungry for it.


Year 10 Day 281 19:13
I don't think we were upset (I certainly wasn't), just trying to explain why the process takes as long as it does. Personally it sounds to me like you're the type of player that we need, as most new players don't bother reading anything before they dive in headfirst, and then subsequently become so confused that they just give up even trying and quit forever.

Trust me, it won't take too long at all, and it's really worth the wait.

Bonne chance and have fun. =)

Year 10 Day 281 19:25

I do have a question though...Ive been looking at armour, weapons etc...and most of it says that its not implemented. Is that right? If so...uhhh...how long is that likely to take?

Or is it that thost parts of the site havent been updated in a while?

Year 10 Day 281 19:33
Actually armour should now be implemented as they just updated all the stats for it. Weapons will wait until after combat is released.


Year 10 Day 281 19:48
And before you ask..Combat could be released tomorrow or the next turn of the century.


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Year 10 Day 281 20:35
at 32, I do have some patience. Ive been roleplaying for 20 years. And, Im eager to get involved and get started 

I envy you, at 31 and having roleplayed for close to the same time I'm an absolute mess. Shamelessly I might add, some people like to point and laugh you know, other's pull up a deck chair and film the slow demise in an attempt to learn and not follow the same path of lunacy.


Year 10 Day 281 21:00
Gabriel Thorne
Gabriel Thorne
Ooookay....so, Im on a planet, my home planet...stuck. Stuck cuz it takes 4 hours to move anywhere and the stupid landspeeder I am supposed to have rented hasny appeared anywhere. The guide didnt cover this. Ill have to spend more time on this tomorrow...but advice would be appreciated.

Year 10 Day 281 21:58
Join a faction.


Year 10 Day 281 22:47
Very solid advice. A faction has the people and resources to help you get out of there and into the galaxy and actually doing something.

Year 10 Day 281 23:22
The landspeeder you rented should have appeared at the same position as the NPC you rented it from. You will have to use the "Enter" button in your travel screen when standing in the same square.