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Year 10 Day 282 21:08
I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that can calculate costs and time for recycling, but am having issues with the vehicles and ships time calc. I've got the equation as in the rules page, but its giving times as negative in most cases. This is obviously incorrect. Got a few things that may be the issue:

HullMod = 1.2 - EntityCondition

EntityCondition is between 1 and 0.001, and I am guessing 1=100% and 0.001=0.1% - does anyone know if this is correct?

RecyclerModifier: Modifier value of entity that is doing recycling (see misc. field of entity)

I had a look on the Salvager Droid, Recycling stations and the Wrecker pages, but could not find such a value - is it there or is that an old reference? I'm using 1 at the moment for it.

OrderMod: Order * ( 0.8 - Order / 480 )

Order=1 for recycling it says, as its the number of entities being 'produced'. I have a sneaky feeling this is the main issue as I had it at 1 (for OrderMod that is) and times were positive. Large, but positive. Changing it to the above equation with Order=1, makes most things negative.

So, does anyone have first hand knowledge with using these equations (as in making them work, not whiel your recycling) and can point me to where its wrong?