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Year 10 Day 284 18:14
Ceberus Natalus
Ceberus Natalus
I am not sure if this is where i should post for this, but i am race dug, and i do not know why i picked a dug. I roleplay as a human, and I never reference being a dug. Therefore, I was wondering if I could change my name to a human name, making roleplaying easyier, and more realistic, the name I wanted is James McCullen.

Year 10 Day 284 18:18
So you want to to change your name to match your avatar? As in a known character from another universe, that's kind of the opposite purpose of name changes.



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Year 10 Day 284 19:05
Sorry, the only way to change your name would be a one time run to the sun, with a 3 week vacation.
There is a reason why a name create is the most important thing to think of before even playing.


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Year 10 Day 284 20:03
Not to mention that it would give you a valid reason to roleplay as a human... actually being a human.

Year 10 Day 284 23:00
Handles are only changed when they violate the rules.