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Year 6 Day 308 21:25

yeah, that's the message i was sent.

"This IP has tried to apply with several handles at once. All requests are declined as we can not know which one is correct. Please apply again with only one request and be patient."

unoftunatly for me, i use AOL, which is known for sharing it's IP addresses with a group of users.

so this is the first time i've applied personally, but it would appear someone has beaten me to it who's in my area and uses AOL

any tips? other than the obvious use another paid e-mail?

Year 6 Day 308 21:49
What handle did you sign up with?

Did you submit more than one join request?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 310 2:15

Ansem Highwind

and no, just signed up once.

the problem is, usually, with AOL they share the same IP with numerous different accounts.

i've come across trouble like this before on other websites

Year 6 Day 310 2:29
mm k. Aye, as far as 'm aware we don't usually decline AOL accounts based on IP, for that reason.

Sign up again please.


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Year 6 Day 312 17:28

Yeah you said i was a "suspicious" atempt. I tried different names by accident but I replied saying that it was just a mix up. will i be able to ever??

Year 6 Day 312 21:45
Usually if you sign up multiple times one of the accounts is approved and the others are declined. If that wasn't the case please sign up again, once.


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Year 6 Day 313 11:11
No, usually if you sign up multiple times, all are declined and the email says we did this since we had no idea which one was the correct one and to sign up again.
Get with the times Khan :P


Year 6 Day 313 11:42
*shakes fist*

'll give you ambiguous election result!


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 313 12:31
The result is already terrible imho ... :P


Year 6 Day 314 0:21
Terrible for you maybe but it'll keep me entertained for a few years :)


Kids these days!