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Year 6 Day 309 11:26
This is an... unusual situation.
I am trying to deliver a member of my faction to a LY-2000 on Nal Hutta. The problem is, the ship is in the atmosphere layer, and it's empty. I have no idea how it got there, or how to get it down. Before anybody suggests that I contact one of the leaders in my faction, I should say that I am the Director of Transportation.
I don't think it's a bug, per se, so that's why I'm asking for help here.
The only way I can think of this happening is if the person who was piloting the ship before got banned, leaving the ship in an awkward situation. The problem is that the LY-2000 has no docking bay, do I can't bring a Koro-2 speeder, or something like that, up to the ship, and board it that way.
If anybody knows what is going on, and has run into it before, your input would be especially appreciated.


Year 6 Day 309 14:45
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
Bring a 2nd person along, have them pilot the ship "hovering" to wherever.


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Year 6 Day 310 6:45
That would be nice, except that I CAN'T EVEN GET TO THE SHIP!


Oh, by the way it's a PLY-3000, not an LY-2000, which doesn't even exist.

I'm not a noob, and this isn't your average simple mistake. The PLY-3000 also has no hangar bay, or docking capabilities of any sort.


Year 6 Day 310 7:48
can't you transfer from your ship into the PLY?


Year 6 Day 310 10:11
I. Can. Not. Get. Inside. It.

Maybe I'll format it in a way that's more easily understood.

I cannot enter with a fox
I cannot enter in a box.
I cannot enter by way of train
I cannot enter in the rain.
I could not enter yesterday
I cannot enter any day!



Year 6 Day 311 0:44
yes you can.

Ascend so you're in the atmosphere at the same location as the PLY. Then go into your entrance/exit room (the top room that ia also used as the hangar). Then you'll be able to click the 'Enter' button on Position > Travel. The PLY is listed there and can be entered.


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Year 6 Day 315 5:10
Sorry everybody for any offence.
Wow, that was so simple.

Hey, look! An "Easy button"! I'd say more, but then I'd feel like a corporate *****.