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Year 10 Day 297 9:57
Daehd Moroz
Daehd Moroz
A Bacta Tank only works when there are three Bacta Refills in it? It doesn't work wehn there are two or one Refill?


Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Year 10 Day 297 13:31
Correct. And the bacta tank also has to be deployed in a medical room for it to work.

Year 10 Day 297 18:51
Yeah since all 3 refils are needed to use it and are used up once its done.


Year 10 Day 300 16:25
I guess that brings about another question...and let me appologize in advance for reviving this, but honistly my curoicity is piqued

Is it possible to, say, convert a Room into a medical room?

As on my BR-23, the Hall Design is like this

B= Bridge
H= Wallway
- = Nothing

  1. -H-H

Could there possible be a mechanic that lets you retool rooms, letting me turn one of those useless side rooms into..say...A Medical room? It would obviously require SOME raw material and a lot of time *Your bassically converting a room into a full Medbay, thats GOTA take some effort*...

I should rreally put this somewhere else, shouldent I.

Year 10 Day 300 16:30
Currently it is not. It may be available as part of R&D.


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Year 10 Day 300 16:50
And that is, of course, Comming Soon(tm)


Matthew 'Kamikazi' Armada
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Year 10 Day 300 17:40
Yeah when the medical items were introduced and all, a lot of people wanted the option to convert a room into a Medical room, but the admins didn't want that at that time.