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Year 6 Day 310 13:11
Damon Clar
Damon Clar
I was born in Corellia, at Saigita (spelling?) and I moved up north because the vehicle rental guy was out of Vehicles... and now im stuck in this City and I cant get back to Saigeta. It quite annoying... I am probably just missing something. If you can help me out that would be grand! Also... is anything to do in a city? Ive been wandering around but that seems to be all that I can do in the city, is wander... Where can I purchase something? and ONE more thing... Why is my "items" spot "Disabled"? Is it because I dont have anything? Anywaz thats all I can think of, thank you Admins for such a great Idea though. Ive always wanted to visit the Starwars Galaxy :)


Year 6 Day 310 13:57
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
To move between cities, you have to be at the edge of a city.

You would have to look to see if there are any NPCs around to talk to in the city.

You can purchase items in shops located in all starting cities.

You access your equipment by clicking position->items.

Note: I suggest you use more sentences and puncuation in your questions.


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Year 6 Day 311 0:31
I'm pretty sure I restocked the vehicle renter in Saigetopia recently.


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Year 6 Day 311 18:51
Damon Clar
Damon Clar
Hello again!
Well I have been wandering the city north of Saigitopia for a couple days now because I cant get out.
When I move to the edge of the map (Onto the Grass) and Click Travel, and then "Planets" It shows me information about the planet and all that, and a little map of the planet. But I cant figure out where to enter the coordinates, I simply cannot find it. I know it must be something silly that I havnt seen.
But I DID manage to GET here no problem, which is what is frustrating. I really want to get a vehicle, lol.


Year 6 Day 312 3:26
you move between squares from Travel > CrossTerrain, not Travel > Planet.

Visit the Vehicle Renter in Saigetopia agan and let me know if they have any vehicles on offer.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 312 3:29
You don't click planets you click terrain or one of the other options. Should then load a view of the planets surface where you can click on adjacent cities and travel to them. i.e if your on the southern edge of the city you can go to the terrain/city south.


Year 6 Day 312 21:55
Damon Clar
Damon Clar
Im in the grass at the bottom of T... (the city north of siagetopia) at 12,21... and I click on the Blue Travel button. It shows me these four buttons.
I dont see anything that said cross-terrain or anything like that, but i'll keep looking...


Year 6 Day 312 23:13
You're on the bottom border of the city so you can only move south, but because the city to the south is over the ocean you can't walk out there.

I've moved you to the location of the vehicle renter in Sagietopia and 've checked he has vehicles for rent.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 313 0:30
Damon Clar
Damon Clar
Ahh cool! thank you!