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Year 10 Day 300 13:15
Before I go ahead and make any wedding plans (buy a custom NPC to act as a wife) I thought I'd ask just how customizable NPCs really are, as the rules page does not quite cover all of my questions.

Custom: NPCs whose scripts, images etc can be defined by their owner

- rules

By scripts, does this mean dialogue?
In addition to the image, can I also define the name, race and gender of my custom wife?

My thanks to whomever takes the time to reply.

Year 10 Day 300 13:31
Yes, scripts refers to the dialogue the NPC will have in interacting with you.

The name of the NPC cannot be defined, but the gender most certainly can, and you can pretty much assure the race by hiring on the homeworld of the race you would like to hire.

As an aside, I have a female Jawa custom NPC named "Cero Surik" with 9 free skill points located on Tatooine that I'd be more than happy to give you if you want her.

Year 10 Day 300 13:40
It's a shame about not being able to choose a name, but that shouldn't get in the way of RP'ing, and the option to change the dialogue sounds fantastic. Also, sending DM to Mikel..

Year 10 Day 300 17:44
At the moment I think the custom script has been dsiabled as there were a few issues with getting it to work for everyone, easily. Not sure if its been reinstated yet though, so keep that in mind.