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Year 10 Day 300 15:27
Jern Korr
Jern Korr
Hello I just recreated my character, and when I was adjusting my skill points I had it all adjusted. And after I created character they were not added to my points. Is there anyway I can reset my skill points so I can do it again or can someone change for me. Thanks in Advance.

Year 10 Day 300 19:30
Could you do us a favor and Post your Skill Points *Just highlight the whole thing, then Copy, and paste it here* And point out exactly what wasent added properly and such?

Should help if the mods do say 'Alright, we'll Fix it.' Since what you want is Right out in the open


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Year 10 Day 300 20:15
Bonus race skill points are added before you begin distributing points, not after.


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Year 10 Day 300 20:35
Jern Korr
Jern Korr
Here is what it is supposed to look like once I put in my stats, this is what it said

And this is what mine looks like ATM.