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Year 10 Day 306 14:28
Is there any word on when the income scripts will be ran since they obviously didn't run at 17:00 server time last night?


Year 10 Day 306 16:38
Year 10 Day 306 17:47
[sarcasm]That's so helpful, thank you.[/sarcasm] Does anyone know for sure?


Year 10 Day 306 17:53
Yeah its missed 2 17:00s now. I can imagine that those factions/NFGs that run off of FI will be getting worried. Incidentally, did tax income get sent or is that missing too?


Year 10 Day 306 18:01
Curious..there's no obvious errors from the script that runs Taxes & FI. I'll try and find out why when I get home.


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Year 10 Day 306 18:03
No incomes or taxes, as of yet.

Additional note: NPC wages are not yet showing as due, also.

Edited By: Gravnkev Forestwanderer on Year 10 Day 306 18:57
Year 10 Day 306 18:59
Thanks, Khan!


Year 10 Day 306 18:59
Maybe Vey turned taxes and FI off to fight the rampant inflation we're experiencing until the economy fixes can be implemented?


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Year 10 Day 306 20:52
Silly Hal, combat will fix inflation. Combat will fix everything.


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Year 10 Day 307 0:41
Yes Han, combat will fix combat.


Year 10 Day 307 5:44
If it helps isolate the problem, I still have several unpaid NPCs hanging around. That script doesn't appear to have run either.

Year 10 Day 307 7:34
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
Same here didnt receive FI or the npc wage didnt run.


Year 10 Day 307 10:03
Kyria is experiencing the same problem. Luckily she's made enough in data card sales to cover employee wages for this month, and if needed next month (Thank you Metyl Onyx, gotta love Trade Fed they are Kyria's best customers, wanting so many survival packs and camouflage tents).

NPCs hasn't run either. Any ETA on when this can be fixed? Or do we need to find Mr. Khan a competent assistant to help him track down all the little bugs and squish them, or does he just need a bigger hammer?


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Year 10 Day 307 11:56
I'm sure they're working on this ... but seriously, a week without pay ain't going to hurt much.Tthe only place it could would be on the market, owing what you expected to earn off FI, but with it galaxy-wide, everyone knows and are in the same boat.



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Year 10 Day 307 13:00
Besides the wage and income issue there is also the fact that Hireable populations haven't reset either.

Year 10 Day 307 20:00
I'm just surprised that they haven't made a sim news post about it.


Year 10 Day 307 20:04
I think they're waiting to see how bad the panic becomes.

Year 10 Day 308 1:20
Normally I get about 6,5kk income.

This month only 2kk and just now.

Year 10 Day 307 0:48 Facility Income 2,421,954 Facility Income


Year 10 Day 308 1:50
I got some strange income of 200K plus all my NPC left :(


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Year 10 Day 308 1:53
As I understood my NPCs resigned due to that problem too. Yet I had the credits to pay them.

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