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Year 10 Day 308 1:56
Year 10 Day 307 0:48 Facility Income 2,497,673  

That nice for a small City, but not for hundreds and hundreds of facilities I have -.-

Of course those damn NPC unions want money on time!


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Lanthrym system holosite

Year 10 Day 308 2:03
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
I too got some income, but it's not what I would expect to make.

Year 10 Day 307 0:48 Facility Income 2,409,341 Facility Income

My NPCs just presented me with their salary bill .... I guess if I don't pay up they will eventually leave.

Year 10 Day 307, 1:05 194 of your workers need to be paid their monthly wage, a total of 620,000 Credits. A breakdown is as follows: - .....

Year 10 Day 307, 2:01 You have sent 620,000 credits to the Payment Office with the following message: Payment of NPC Wages

Year 10 Day 308 2:07
Hmm....while I didn't receive an event (although it should up for my npcs) it appeared that I received a very small portion of facility income in my transaction reports. I'm glad I'm not the only one who received less then they should have.



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Year 10 Day 308 2:17
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
I just got some more FI, but still does not add up to what I usually expect.

Year 10 Day 307 2:08 Facility Income 2,571,871 Facility Income (manual run)

The answer is now in a Sim News

Edited By: Kuro Neko on Year 10 Day 308 2:38

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Year 10 Day 308 6:58
Yeah, they screwed up and gave it to the owners... oh well.


Year 10 Day 308 10:03
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
Not getting a event but looking in credit transaction looks like they hit ours about right.

Year 10 Day 307
2:05 Facility Income 28,942,754 Facility Income (manual run)

as well as my npcs wages looks as normal :(

42 Year 10 Day 307, 1:05 944 of your workers need to be paid their monthly wage, a total of 3,032,000 Credits. A breakdown is as follows:

Edited By: Cyphor Axis on Year 10 Day 308 10:04

Year 10 Day 308 10:43
Mine appears to be well off, maybe 18 facilities not making money?

Considering this, isn't it a little unfair to then make people have to pay their NPCs? If it hadn't been for me selling a garage a couple of days ago I wouldn't have been able to pay all mine.


Year 10 Day 308 10:48
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
I understand paying the miners and builders(when they are building) but not the combat npcs and the other types, at least till what they are spawned for can actually be done. Like combat npcs able to do combat and so on.


Year 10 Day 308 11:44
In times of non war are troops still paid in rl? So why do governments keep them in times of non war? To be prepared. If you're unhappy take it to the suggestion forum, there is already a discussion going on.

Year 10 Day 308 12:05
My point wasn't that, I meant that if we're going to be making less FI it's a bit unfair to make people pay the full NPC wage price.

Think I've worked out why mine did this though, so unless someone else has the problem you can ignore me :)


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