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Year 6 Day 311 14:38
Hexx Harpy
Hexx Harpy
Looking at the list that describes which buildings boost morale and which lower it, I notice that some buildings are on both lists.
For example, "Factory" is on the [U] list (morale plus) and on the [W] list (morale 2xminus).

This applies to about 10+ buildings, so the list seems sort of unusable to me. Am I missing something?


- mobilis in mobili -
Year 6 Day 311 15:10
Look at the equation as one big fraction.

On the top, you have the Factory
On the bottom, you have Factory x 2
(Essentially, its 1/2.)

This means that the Factory has a negative affect on Morale, but not as much as other facilities (like those that are not on the top of the fraction at all).

Year 6 Day 311 16:24
The reason it isn't simply just put onto a list at the bottom with half the effectiveness is because fractions aren't quite as simple as that.... It isn't neccessarily half: it would only be half if only factories were there.

This is presumably to make the facility equation really REALLY hard to optimise. :)