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Year 10 Day 308 15:38
Jafar Darkstalker
Jafar Darkstalker
Hey I was just wondering what the +0.1, 0.2, 0.3...next to your hyperspeed does. lol I always just picked the 0.9 but now im pretty curious as to what it actually does.

Year 10 Day 308 16:33
Sephiroth Rhapsodos
Sephiroth Rhapsodos
I think it's to allow degrees of speed. if you pick your maximum number of hyperspeed and +0.9 it won't do anything. but if you have a max speed of 5, and you pick 4 and +0.9, you'll go a little bit slower. Doesn't have much use atm, but when combat comes out and escorts and stuff are needed that could be very useful. that's how i thought it was anyway.



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Year 10 Day 308 17:01
Jafar Darkstalker
Jafar Darkstalker
Hmmm that makes alot of sense. Thats probaly it. Thanks :)

Year 10 Day 308 17:16
Yes, Seph is absolutely correct. It's to assist in timing jumps between pilots of different skills.


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