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Year 10 Day 309 23:24
Yesterday when i joined i got our of the welcome center and started to wlak around but today i can't walk around it won't let me it just keeps coming up with Invalid Parameters. What dose this mean. PLEASE REPLY ASAP :) thanks

Year 10 Day 309 23:34
There was a PHP upgrade today, as you can read more details of on the Sim News on the last sync report, at the top. This change has broken a number of functions that they are working as quickly as they can to fix. Please be patient, and if you encounter any bugs please check the Bug Base (Bug Report Form link) to see if they have already been reported, or if you need to add a new issue for it.

Year 10 Day 310 8:35
Jacen Firewalker
Jacen Firewalker
TY this also solved my issue but since today is my first day i cant move around period so i really hope this is fixed soon cuase i need to get to a spaceport

Year 10 Day 311 6:07
Same here. Hope it is solved soon...

Year 10 Day 311 6:23
I have been trying to move too but can't. Is it a bug or something

Year 10 Day 312 12:57
Paulo Vitor
Paulo Vitor
Same here too. I created a post reporting the same problem before seen this one, sorry...

Year 10 Day 312 20:16

Also now i can't log in, Lon Cartaf

Year 10 Day 313 0:08
Been stuck in the same spot for the past 3 days. Game gets boring when you can't move.I can't even enter the shop. Guess its not meant for me to enjoy this game.I'll give it 3 more days after that I'm going back to runescape... Jk

Year 10 Day 313 3:29
LOL runescaoe that gets boring i have quit it its G@Y

Year 10 Day 313 4:14
San Elmortizan
San Elmortizan
Are there any estimates on when the next fixes will be implemented? cause this is a fairly major problem and new players won't stick around with such flaky coding on the basic parts of the game.

Year 10 Day 313 5:20
This thing needs to be fixed soon or atleast, we should be made aware of when the fixes would be implemented so we can wait it out

Year 10 Day 313 6:46
You guys need to realize this game is entirely coded by volunteers who do it in their spare time, not a paid team of coders who make a living coding the game. Therefore, it takes time for bugs to get fixed and especially now where the new php upgrade seems to have broken a lot of things. We're all in the same boat, so you just need to be patient while the coders try to fix things using whatever spare time they might find in their day to devote to the combine.

Year 10 Day 314 19:11
I can move now, so I hope the problem has been solved.

Year 10 Day 316 23:51
Well why don't they ask other volenteers to help them?

Year 10 Day 317 0:08
People can volunteer to join the development team, strangely enough however there is a shortage of people with the required skills that want to volunteer to spend large amounts of their time on a long and slow project whilst the player base whines about what a poor job they're doing.

Only a small percentage of the combines member base are compentent enough programmers to help and even fewer of those have the time or interest in doing so.

Year 10 Day 317 0:14
I Would Help But I Am Not Smart Enough To Program Something

Year 10 Day 317 11:26
Deleted Post
Deleted by David Johnsson. Reason: Doing my own thread to this.
Year 10 Day 318 8:06
Paulo Vitor
Paulo Vitor
Problem fixed here! thanks