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Year 10 Day 313 20:37
I'm trying to exchange some of my CPs for ships but it wont let me.

Year 10 Day 313 20:56
You need to be standing on the ground, outside of any ship/vehicle/facility. You need to enter the number of ships you want, not the number of CPs it costs.

It you are doing both these things and it's not working, it's probably a bug with the PHP upgrade and you should report it to the Bug Base.

Year 12 Day 292 12:57
I am having the same issues i cannot find where to exchange the ships.

Have been through the exchange system a couple of times and cannot seem to find where I purchase the ships.

yes i am sitting on a planet in an free square and am not in anything!

elp pweeze!


Year 12 Day 292 13:10
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
"To access the ships exchange, you must be inside a powered Landing Pad or a Starport."

It has been changed in the two years since the topic was created.

Year 12 Day 302 3:33
Many thanks!

As a process of elimination I found that out!

now I just need to get off this planet and to a NPC starport! Gah ;)

Year 12 Day 302 3:46
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
Let me know roughly where you are and if you're close to one of my facilities then you can spawn your ship there.
Don't post your exact location on the forum unless you want someone to come kill you for fun , just the system will be fine.